The special offers of the CONET Academy

Special Packages 

As a special offer, the CONET Academy combines special packages from standard courses. They make it possible to complete the appropriate certification, including all examinations, in a short time (for example, in 12 days instead of 15 days) and at a preferential price. Also, the special value is a strong reference to practice, as the project coaches select specific relevant areas and exercises for these combination packages.


 Extended Courses

CONET Academy has developed the principle of extended courses for topics or technical aspects which are not otherwise or only marginally dealt with (get papers from Apexessays in US). On a further day, standard courses will be followed by the deepening of specific questions, which are particularly relevant during the consultation day Have proved. These additional days are also bookable individually.

CONET Seminars

In addition to the extended courses, the CONET Academy trainers, who also act as consultants, are developing their CONET Group seminars for current challenges in the day to day IT business


About the CONET Group

"Success. Our passion. "As a hybrid IT service provider, CONET is one of the top 25 German IT systems and consulting firms (academic consultant The medium-sized group of companies has successfully been providing consulting, IT solutions, software development and IT personnel services to customers since 1987 Defense, Public Security, Public Sector and Private Enterprise, with the four major subsidiaries. CONET Business Consultants, CONET Solutions, CONET Services and QUEST, as well as specialized services for individual customer requirements Currently, more than 400 employees at 13 locations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, and Switzerland work for the CONET Group.]

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